About Us

Behind every great business is an idea, and Carolyn didn’t just have it, she lived it. By opening CSC, she meant to share a way of life that welcomed all dogs and offered them exactly what they needed.

CSC is not just a store it’s a second home. When you step foot in our home, you become part of our pack.

Positive reinforcement is integrated into all our services and our fully trained staff is always ready for every situation.

Our products are mostly Canadian, and we carry a wide range of eco-friendly products. There isn’t anything in here that our pups haven’t approved!

We have created a comfortable, personable, and positive environment for you and your dog. Feel free to pop by and chat, or introduce yourself if you haven’t been in before. Our pack is always growing, and we’d love for you to join it.

Come be a Part of our Pack!!



7 am - 7 pm


9 am - 6 pm


1872 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M4C 1J4


Tel: 416-425-BARK (2275)